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Warranty on basketballs, backboards, rims and apparel

What is the warranty?

We follow the European laws for end consumers and provide a warranty for 2 years on our products. The warranty period of 2 years is valid starting from the day of purchase.

For basketballs, claims for an air leak, pumping or other visibly appreciable defect will be accepted, as long as the claim is made within 1st month of receipt of the balloons. Claims will not be accepted after this time or where misuse of the ball is clearly apparent.

Do I need to provide proof of purchase to make a warranty claim?

Yes, we require a proof of purchase. Please provide us your order number and order details when you submit a warranty claim. We can only accept claims on items purchased on our webshop. If you purchased on a different webshop, or in a store, you will have to file your claim there.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

You can submit a warranty claim through our contact form. You will have to provide your order number and a picture of the item in question. And give us a description of what is wrong.

For basketballs, the required information, including photos showing the problem and the information displayed at the valve of the ball, is necessary for the analysis and study of each claim. If the guidelines set out here are not followed, the claim cannot be met.

Do I need to return my original purchased product as part of the warranty claim process?

In most cases providing photo's of the damaged product is enough. In some occasions we do however reserve the right to request the product to be returned. If this is the case, then we will provide the shipping labels free of charge.

How long does it take for a warranty claim to be processed?

We respond to all messages as soon as possible. Please note, due to the high amount of requests, we have a small delay in response times. But rest assured, we will answer your message shortly.

What can I expect to happen following a warranty claim submission?

If your claim of a defective product is submitted within the warranty period and the claim is justified, then we will replace the product without any costs. If the product is no longer in our collection, we will provide an alternative of equal quality and price range.

What is not covered by the warranty on spalding basketballs?

We take no responsibility, nor liability, for damages or defects due to following reasons:

- Negligence, abuse or misuse of the product
- Failure to follow product instructions.
- Any modifications that are made to the product.

Warranty on basketball systems & hoops

How do I place a warranty claim for my basketball system?

All warranty claims and replacement parts for our basketball systems and hoops are handled by Eurobase. Please contact them for further assistence.

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