Universal Backboard Montage Set



Transform an empty space in your yard into your own personal arena. The Universal Mounting Bracket connects your backboard onto a flat surface, a roof or a pole. It's compatible with most Spalding and Huffy Sports boards up to 54 inches.


• Fits 3.5" round poles
• Adapts to roof or flat surface
• Supports most Spalding and Huffy Sports residential backboards up to 54"
• Designed for outdoor residential play

Customer Reviews

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Andrew M.
Home board solution

I made a backboard with marine-ply and was having difficulty finding a bracket to fix it to a concrete garage wall. I asked Spalding support for weight limit the bracket could support and was told 20kg (they also said it wasn't intended for use other than with their boards;) so I got it, and I am delighted with it, it is really stable with a large piece of marine ply hanging from it!

Now when putting your own board onto one of these frames it pays to note: Put the bracket together and just fix in the top bracket bar and hang the board from the top supports only. then you can adjust the bottom bracket supports to the correct position before marking and drilling fixings for this and the hoop support holes from the bottom bracket bar. I didn't do this and thus, I had to pull up the bottom bracket to fit the pre-drilled holes and now my board is at 3.10cm instead of 3.05cm. How bad;)

This may or may not make sense, but do it one step at a time and you'll manage:)