Gold TF mobile Korbanlage


SKU: 6A1746CN

This Gold TF portable hoop system turns your driveway into an arena. Its acrylic backboard has a rebound rivaled only by glass. The 50” backboard comes with an arena-style board pad and a Pro Slam® breakaway rim. The system has a 3.5” oval steel pole with an Exactaheight™ lift system, which adjusts from 7.5 feet to the regulation 10. It gets its stability from a 34-gallon base equipped with two wheels and a rebounder.


• BOARD SIZE: 54” (137.2 cm)
• BOARD TYPE: Steel framed acrylic
• RIM: Pro slam™ breakaway rim
• Run off from base to rim: 8” (20.32 cm)
• LIFT TYPE: Exactaheight™ infinite lift
• HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: 7.5’ to 10’ (2.28 m to 3.05 m) in 6” (15 cm) increments
• BASE: 37 gallon (140 liter)
• POLE: 3.5” (8.89 cm) round

Customer Reviews

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Good product, but base had a fault

Good service in terms of delivery.
However the first base we received had a fault, and the pole split through it.
A new base was sent out within 1 week, however customer service in the UK is shocking to contact.
Once reported the guys based in Ireland were excellent.
The product is great once assembled and my son really enjoys using it.