Sublimation & Printing


Create your individual design in only a few steps.

Sublimation in 9 possible designs and 42 colors and 5 different font options.

Sublimation can be created in three ways:
• Choose our Inline “Jam” Design
• Choose one of our 8 free designs
• Have your own individual design created

How does sublimation work?

Step 1

Choose your basic design.

Step 2

Choose your own colors.

Step 3 (optional)

Choose your font and send us your team roster with size run, names and numbers.

Step 4

We provide the sketch and order overview to you.

Step 5

Confirm the design and order.


We customize your ordered product. Just send us your team roster and we do the printing.

We will print your jerseys according to your individual requests.

From monochrome woven chest and back numbers to club, individual, and player names, up through multicoloured logo and sponsors letterings.