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Marble Series Rubber Outdoor Basketball
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Street Phantom Rubber Outdoor Basketball
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Spalding Basketballs

You can’t spell basketball without ‘ball’, and you can’t play the game without one either. At Spalding we like to think of every athlete as a true baller, whether you play the game professionally, enjoy your basketball at the local club or shoot some hoops in the backyard with your friends. We know like no other that each athlete needs equipment tailored to their needs and basketballs are no exception.

When choosing your ideal basketball, you should first look at the ball size. You can't underestimate the importance of a basketball sitting perfectly in your hand, and when you're playing competitive basketball, you should consider regulations about who should be playing with which basketball. In men's competitions, size 7 is the standard size, while women’s teams use a slightly smaller ball, a size 6. Tomorrow’s basketball stars can shoot some hoops with a size 5 and even the youngest ballers can practice their first trick shots with basketballs size 4 or smaller.

Did you find the right basketball size for you? Then it’s time to think about where you want to show off your best dunks and dribbles. Each court is different, especially when you’re going to compare the nicely polished floor of your indoor court to the rough asphalt of your favourite street court. At Spalding we want you to fully live up to your potential and that can only be done if your choice of basketball is based on the circumstances in which you shoot hoops. That’s why we made outdoor basketballs that can take a beating and with which you can shine on your outside court for many summers and winters. Our indoor basketballs, on the other hand, are more delicate, so they are in perfect harmony with the conditions you encounter in the gym hall.

In terms of materials, we can easily distinguish indoor and outdoor basketballs. A rubber ball helps you shine on outdoor courts as the ball survives game after game without noticeable wear and tear thanks to the material’s durability. Indoors you should pick one of our many composite leather balls, which effortlessly combine the natural feel and touch of genuine leather with the innovative technology of synthetic materials. And last but not least, we have a little treat for the real diehard fans. The Spalding TF Model M is a 100% genuine leather basketball, just for old times’ sake.